The Diamond Shoals Story

Welcome to Diamond Shoals Restaurant! Many miles of shoals and sandbars lie just beneath the surface of the rough waters off Hatteras Island. Ships throughout history have found navigating this area to be extremely treacherous and sometimes deadly. Diamond shoals is a large shifting sandbar that extends southeast from Cape Point for a distance of roughly 12 miles. In an attempt to aid navigation for passing ships, construction of the first Cape Hatteras Island lighthouse began in 1799. It took four years to complete and was lit in the Fall of 1803. However, the distance from shore to the outer edge of Diamond Shoal was so great, the light could not always been seen and consequently proved inadequate at warning passing ships of imminent danger. In 1824, a lightship was anchored on the outer edge of the shoal. A rendering of this historic vessel appears on our menus. Eventually, it was destroyed by a storm and washed up days later on the beaches of Ocracoke Island. In the ensuing years, it was replaced with two more lightships and finally the 175 foot tower that stands over Diamond Shoals today. 

We hope you enjoy your stay on Hatteras Island. We are proud to be a part of the
rich history and culture of Hatteras Island. Come and see us again when your travels
brings you back to the Outer Banks.